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About Us

Enter shaanxi qinli wan

Shaanxi qinwanli construction engineering co., LTD. And shaanxi qinwanli highway engineering co., LTD., established in 2008, are located at 30F, west international plaza, gaoxin road, high-tech zone, xi 'an city. After years of Development, the company has expanded its business into          engineering construction, tourism Development, education technology, green engineering, commodity trade and other fields. In the United States, it has registered a wholly owned enterprise Qin Wan Li Property Development LLC.
The company has more than 150 first - and second-level constructors, middle - and senior titles and professional technical managers. With environmental protection engineering contracting, construction decoration project specialized contracting and waterproof anti-corrosion insulation engineering contracting, electronic and intelligent project specialized contracting grade, highways, mines, construction, steel structure, petrochemical secondary, water conservancy and hydropower construction general contracting 3 qualification, have passed the international three system certification.
Company has built the shaanxi yulin affordable housing, west copper high-speed, high-speed transmission and inhibitor, yanan city, sichuan sword door closed glass plank road observation platform, to extend the oil in the county huayang scenic tourist resort, mian county Zhou Gushan infrastructure of circular economy industrial clusters, xianyang Wen Xinglu road engineering, environmental protection engineering of jingbian waste landfill, red block boundary and the series wancheng tourist road engineering, 204 provincial highway to jingbian-yanshuiguang pipeline tower bay highway reconstruction project size, such as more than 500. Our business covers shaanxi, sichuan, gansu, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, anhui and other provinces, cities and autonomous regions, with a total construction output of more than 10 billion yuan and over 100 million yuan of tax paid. Over the years, the company by provincial and municipal governments at all levels and the relevant units awarded "excellent enterprise", "guard contract, heavy credit unit", multiple project was rated as "model project" and "municipal civilized construction site", has won the high social reputation.
Companies adhering to the "fine quality steady operating" business philosophy, to build high quality engineering as the goal, take customer satisfaction as the purpose, pay attention to talent introduction and enterprise culture construction, promote enterprise's core competitiveness. While developing itself, enterprises actively fulfill their social responsibilities, give back to the society, and carry out a number of social welfare charitable activities, such as poverty alleviation and assistance, donation and education. Looking to the future, we will with xi jinping, new era characteristic socialism ideology as flags, to meet the new era, in the east wind, waves, set sail, to create "Qin Wanli" outstanding brand, enterprise development to jointly create a new chapter!




30F, west seat, West International Plaza, Gaoxin Road, Xi'an new and high tech Zone, Shaanxi

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